This Labor Day, Remember the Men and Women in Uniform

It’s become fashionable in recent years for politicians to attack and scapegoat the working men and women of America for many of the economic problems our country is facing.

It’s true here in the City of San Bernardino where Mayor Pat Morris and his supporters have attempted to blame San Bernardino’s Police Officers as the source of our city’s financial woes.

These career politicians forget that the men and women of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association go to work every day, risking their lives, to protect San Bernardino’s neighborhoods and families from crime and violence.

They forget that the men and women in the uniform and behind the badge are they themselves someone’s parent, someone’s spouse, and someone’s child.

This video from Andy Hale does an excellent job of reminding us to look at our police officers and law enforcement professionals in this light.

To all those who go to work each day to serve and protect the people of their community, we thank you for your service.