SBPOA President’s Statement on the Attacks Last Week in San Bernardino

The following is a statement by Steve Turner, President of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association:

For the last four years I’ve had the privilege of representing San Bernardino’s rank and file police officers as the president of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association.

What occurred in our city last Wednesday is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced as peace officers.

On behalf of the members of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims whose lives were brutally taken from them.  We want you to know how deeply saddened we are for your loss. We are here for you and we continue to pray for you during this time of incredible grief.

To the residents of San Bernardino, we want to thank you for all of your words and displays of support.  We also appreciate the prayers, love, support, and sympathy you have shown to the victims and their loved ones.  It is through your loving actions that our nation and the world has seen what San Bernardino is truly made of.

As President of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association I want to acknowledge the police officers who responded to last Wednesday’s terrorist attack.  The officers that responded to the calls for help did so demonstrating the highest degrees of professionalism and bravery. Their goal was to protect the lives of those inside the Inland Regional Center building and to prevent any further fatalities.

These officers arrived on scene and immediately focused on locating and protecting the innocent lives while searching for the attackers.  They arrived at a scene of absolute horror.   They faced victims, survivors, explosives, and a very real concern that the terrorists were still at the location.

With all of those obstacles, they remained calm and professional while rescuing individuals from the building, without allowing any one else to be harmed. The actions of these officers were nothing short of heroic.  I have never been so proud to represent these fine police officers than I am at this time.

The last five years have been difficult on the community of San Bernardino and its police department.  Bankruptcy and budget cuts have diminished services that residents of most cities take for granted, including law enforcement.

Throughout these challenges, the men and the women of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association remained committed to protecting the residents of the city we serve.

Our promise to San Bernardino’s residents has been and remains, “Your Safety Is Always Our Top Priority.”