San Bernardino Skips $6 Million of Pension Payments

The Press-Enterprise has reported that the City of San Bernardino has missed missed about $6 million in payments to the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).

On Wednesday, October 24th CalPERS objected in federal court to San Bernardino’s bankruptcy filing.

The PE reports:

The state’s public employee pension fund filed an objection to the city of San Bernardino’s bankruptcy petition Wednesday, Oct. 24, according to court documents

CalPERS, which has criticized the city in recent days for missing about $6 million in pension payments, was the most prominent creditor to file an objection to the city’s bankruptcy petition by the 5 p.m. Wednesday deadline.

However, it wasn’t clear if all the objections had been processed and made available on the U.S. Bankruptcy Court website. Other objections were filed by a San Bernardino city employees union, two retirees, a prison inmate and the owners of a strip club.

San Bernardino’s Fire Fighters and Police Officers Associations did not file objections to the City’s bankruptcy filing.

The PE did however report that “the city entered into an agreement filed Tuesday, Oct. 23, with the San Bernardino City Professional Firefighters in which the union agreed not to object but will be allowed to present evidence in proceedings regarding the city’s solvency.”