San Bernardino Police Officers Oppose Recall of John Valdivia

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association opposes the recall of San Bernardino’s 3rd Ward Councilmember, John Valdivia.

San Bernardino Ward 3 City Councilman John Valdivia.

San Bernardino Ward 3 City Councilman John Valdivia.

The following is the official statement of Steve Turner, president of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association:

“John Valdivia is not part of San Bernardino’s problem.  He’s part of the solution and has been working hard to get San Bernardino back on the right track.

“John Valdivia has made the safety of the residents and families he serves on the City Council his top priority since his first day in office.  He successfully worked to increase the police presence in the neighborhoods he represents.  His efforts have helped crack down on gangs and panhandlers who victimize the innocent of the community.

“In addition to his commitment to public safety, John Valdivia has proven himself an extremely effective member on the San Bernardino City Council.

“Councilman Valdivia secured $300,000 in funding to repave Mt. Vernon Avenue, Rancho Street and other streets in the 3rd Ward.  He cleaned up and improved the facilities at Lytle Creek Park. He’s fixed broken city street lights that were endangering residents’ safety.  He’s addressed parking problems around Valley College.  And John Valdivia organized a successful Jobs Fair to help 3rd Ward families.

“Voters should not be tricked into recalling John Valdivia from the City Council. He was only sworn into office a few months before the City declared bankruptcy.  Councilman Valdivia should not be punished for the financial mess he inherited, especially since he’s been fighting to bring fiscal sanity to City Hall since his election.

“Removing John Valdivia from the City Council would be a huge mistake that would only move San Bernardino backward during this critical time in the City’s history.”