San Bernardino Police Officers Association Supports Juan Figueroa for City Council

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association has endorsed Juan Figueroa to fill the vacant city council seat in San Bernardino’s 3rd Ward.

“Having met with both candidates actively running in this election, we believe Juan Figueroa is the person voters can trust to put their safety first at City Hall,” said Brian Lewis, the president of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association.  “We look forward to working with Juan to make San Bernardino a safer place to live and for job-creating businesses to locate.”

Juan Figueroa is running in a Special Election for San Bernardino’s 3rd Ward.  A vacancy in the 3rd Ward was created when 3rd Ward Councilmember John Valdivia was elected Mayor of San Bernardino last November.  The Special Election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, 2019.