Rules and Format Announced for Mayoral Candidate Forum

This week the San Bernardino Police Officers Association released the following format and rules for the Association’s highly anticipated Mayoral Candidate Forum:

1. Each candidate will be provided 2 seats inside the venue for their choice of support (spouse, campaign manager, etc.). We ask that guests arrive with the candidate and we will show them to their seats. It is ok to invite additional campaign supporters. General seating is not reserved.

2. We ask that the candidates arrive at the venue by 5 PM. At this time, you will be provided a note pad and a pen. The Candidate will receive a copy of all questions that may be asked during the event. You may take notes. You will be permitted to review your notes, but you may not read any prepared or written statements or answers from your notes. The event will begin promptly at 6 PM.

3. The question review sheet contains 20 of the questions that were considered for this forum. Not all questions will be asked, and they will not be asked in the order listed on the review sheet.

4. Each candidate will be introduced to the audience one at a time, beginning with the far end of the stage (left side of the moderator). Candidate seating will be determined prior to the event, by draw. Please do not rearrange the seating cards.

5. There will be no opening or closing statement by the Candidates.  The field of 11 candidates would have taken up too much of our time. Feel free to bring campaign materials, but we ask that these not be handed out until after the event.

6. Questioning will begin with the candidate on the near end of the stage (right of the moderator). Each subsequent question will begin with the next candidate on the right.

7. As we have received a number of questions directed to the “incumbent council members,” we have dedicated 2 questions for these panelists only. These dedicated questions are not meant to be unfair to anyone on the panel, but are simply being responsive to the questions that were submitted on SanBernardinoCityBankruptcy.

8. Time Limits- There will be a timekeeper.

a. Each candidate will be permitted 90 seconds to respond to a question. There      will be no rebuttal.

b. A lighted electronic timer will be used to keep track of time. Should there be a         malfunction of this timer a back-up system will be used.

c. Back-up system – A yellow card will be held up when the candidate has 15 seconds left, please begin to wrap up your answer.

d. A red card will be held up when the candidate’s time has lapsed. Please end your response at this time.

9. The moderator may ask a follow up question for clarification purposes only. This question should prompt a yes or no response.

10. Lightening Round:

We will have a “lightening round” in which the candidate may answer “yes,” “no” or     “pass.”

These questions are straightforward and cover topics regularly discussed in San      Bernardino. These questions will not be on the review sheet so as to provide the             audience an opportunity to see how the candidates respond on their toes.

11. The candidates are reminded that this event is being recorded.

12. We will ask that the audience and candidates silence their cell phones, and that applause be held until the event is over.

13. Campaign materials may not be distributed prior to, or inside the venue. We ask that campaign materials be distributed outside and at the completion of the event, only.