Remembering December 2, 2015

A year ago today a cloud of darkness descended upon our city. 14 innocent lives were taken and 22 innocents wounded in a senseless and unprovoked attack of terrorism.

That darkness however did not prevail. It was confronted by an incredible light —  a light generated by love, courage, compassion, and community. Such a light can never be extinguished and will always overcome whatever darkness comes against it.

The residents of our city, across our nation, and through out the world watched as the people of San Bernardino pulled together to respond to this barbaric act, to comfort the victims and their families, to mourn the innocent lives taken, and to stand fast to the principles of liberty, equality and justice that we hold so dear.

We will never forget what happened the day of December 2, 2015 — but more importantly we will never forget those we lost and those wounded on that terrible day. It is for all of them and their loved ones that we will continue to stand San Bernardino Strong.