Police & Fire Could Be Harmed By Costly Recalls

The group that in May served notice of intent to recall nine city officials still intends to turn in petitions from residents seeking the recall of all nine, despite announcing last week that signature-gatherers would begin focusing their energy on officials who aren’t already on November’s ballot.

So reports Ryan Hagen in today’s San Bernardino County Sun.

With the news of this flip-flop it’s important to reiterate the true costs of this recall effort on our financially troubled city.

It has been determined that the cost of holding a citywide Recall Election for all of the elected officials in the City of San Bernardino would be approximately $222,000.

This is a huge amount of money that the City cannot afford.

An unexpected cost to the City adds to the financial burdens of the City.  These extra costs could translate to more cuts to public safety.

Any additional cuts to San Bernardino’s Police and Fire Departments would be extremely harmful to the safety of San Bernardino’s neighborhoods and families.

Given the fact that there is a regularly scheduled election for Mayor and three City Council Wards in November, we consider it an unwise burden to require San Bernardino’s taxpayers to be saddled with any additional costs beyond that of the General Election.

For these reasons the San Bernardino Police Officers Association believes the regularly scheduled November Election is the best forum for voters to voice either their support or dissatisfaction with the Mayor and the City Council.