New Five-Year Contract A Good First Step Towards Rebuilding the San Bernardino Police Department


The San Bernardino Police Officers Association and the City of San Bernardino reached agreement this week on the terms of a contract that will allow the City’s bankruptcy to move closer to finalization.

On Monday, City Council unanimously approved the five-year contract which has the overwhelming support of San Bernardino’s rank-and-file police officers.

“This agreement is both fair and reasonable given the current conditions facing our membership and that of the City,” said Steve Turner, president of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association.

“Keeping experienced officers working our streets, as well as the recruitment of new officers were some of the concerns of the police officers. This agreement should address those concerns and help to bring stability to the department, which has lost more than 33% of sworn and civilian staffing since the Bankruptcy filing, back in August of 2012,” Turner said.

“It is a good first step toward rebuilding our agency and will also help to reduce crime and violence on our streets,” Turner said, “It is our hope that the agreement will receive broad support from both the residents and the federal bankruptcy court.”

The agreement is comprehensive and will also see San Bernardino’s police officers continue to share the costs of retirement benefits and health care rates.