John Valdivia Should Not Be Recalled

San Bernardino City Councilman John Valdivia should not be recalled.

In addition to the staggering $220,000 cost of holding a Recall Election only weeks away from the regularly scheduled Citywide Election, Valdivia’s record in office does not merit a recall.

As was previously reported, John Valdivia – along with Councilmembers Robert Jenkins and Chas Kelly – has consistently fought against the foolish policies of Mayor Pat Morris and his misguided majority on the San Bernardino City Council.

San Bernardino resident Deb Bunger made an excellent case in The Sun as to why residents should not be tricked into signing the recall petitions against John Valdivia.

I’ve never seen an elected official who keeps in closer touch with residents than Councilman Valdivia.

In the past 12 months, he has convened well over a dozen town hall meetings.

John walks local neighborhoods and calls his constituents personally — nightly — to hear their views and concerns.

Since taking office in March 2012, Councilman Valdivia has rolled up his sleeves and gone to work for the 3rd Ward.

Fed up with the bureaucracy at City Hall, he took action to get local streets paved and broken streetlights repaired.

He fought successfully to relocate the rave parties that were filling our streets with criminals and our children with drugs.

John Valdivia stood up for local mobile home owners who were being threatened with excessive and unfair rate increases.

He set up city ambassadors at mobile home parks throughout the 3rd Ward to protect residents — many of whom are senior citizens on fixed incomes.

Councilman Valdivia also took on the developers and opposed slum housing projects that bring more panhandlers and gangs into our neighborhoods.

Deb Bunger concludes her commentary with solid advice to residents who might be approached by anyone attempting to recall their councilman, John Valdivia.

I urge my fellow 3rd Ward residents to reject the dishonest tactics of the paid recall signature gatherers and retain our elected representative at City Hall!

Councilman John Valdivia has earned the gratitude and respect of local residents. We know he puts our interests ahead of the wealthy businessmen who run City Hall.

John Valdivia can’t be bought and won’t be bossed by these developers. That’s the real reason for their phony recall campaign against him.