Fred Shorett Behind Move to Disband San Bernardino Fire and Police Departments

San Bernardino City Councilman Fred Shorett has not surprisingly turned out to be the driving force behind the effort to disband both the San Bernardino Fire and Police Departments.


Politician Fred Shorett is seeking to disband the San Bernardino Fire and Police Departments.

While many have been told that the inclusion of the Police Department in City Council Agenda Item 7A was a mistake Рthe goal was only to outsource and disband the San Bernardino Fire Department Рthis memo obtained from City Hall clearly shows that outsourcing police services was also included.

The memo states that Fred Shorett is seeking City Council support to, “Direct the City Manager to begin the process of soliciting proposals for contracting fire and police services to outside agencies.”

This is politics at its worst.

Fred Shorett has been one of the worst public safety votes on the City Council since he was elected.

This is one of the reasons that San Bernardino’s Fire Fighters and Police Officers adamentaly oppose his re-election and have endorsed Anthony Jones as his replacement.

Shorett’s motives are nothing less than the act of a petty politician bent on retaliation instead of doing his job and protecting the people of San Bernardino.