Credibility a Problem for Fred Shorett

San Bernardino City Councilman Fred Shorett had an icy glass of water thrown in his face on Election Night when he failed to win re-election to his 4th Ward City Council seat.

Credibility is a major problem for San Bernardino City Councilman Fred Shorett.

Credibility is a major problem for San Bernardino City Councilman Fred Shorett.

Given the landslide percentages in which two of Shorett’s political foes (Wendy McCammack and Jim Penman) were recalled from office, and that his ally 1st Ward Councilwoman Virginia Marquez was re-elected by, Shorett should have been a shoe-in.

But he wasn’t.  A majority of the voters in San Bernardino’s 4th Ward did not vote to re-elect Fred Shorett.  Instead they opted to vote for either Anthony Jones or Kathy Pinegar.

The reason Fred Shorett failed to win re-election and is now in a runoff with Anthony Jones is apparent.

Fred Shorett lacks credibility with the voters.

Jim Mulvihill Faces First Real Test

Jim Mulvihill will be sworn in as a member of the San Bernardino City Council tonight representing the city’s 7th Ward.

Mulvihill was elected November 5, 2013 to office after voters in San Bernardino’s 7th Ward recalled Wendy McCammack from the City Council.

Mulvihill couldn’t be joining City Hall at a more precarious time in San Bernardino’s history.

After eight years in office, Mayor Pat Morris’s policies have completely ruined the City of San Bernardino.

San Bernardino is bankrupt. Crime is spiraling out of control. Joblessness and poverty abounds.

Any one of these items would be a major issue for a newly elected official to tackle.

And how he tackles these issues will be a major test of the intellect, leadership, and independence of  Jim Mulvihill.

Will Jim Mulvhill be another rubber stamp who does whatever the Mayor wants regardless of the consequences?

Or will Mr. Mulvhill be his own man and vote for what is best for his own constituents and San Bernardino as a whole?

Mulvihill’s first test will be tonight, as Mayor Morris and his clone Fred Shorett are once again attempting to disband the San Bernardino Fire Department.  Their effort has failed three consecutive times in recent weeks.

If Mulvihill votes to begin the process of disbanding the San Bernardino Fire Department it will tell a lot about who he really is and whether or not the safety of the people of San Bernardino is something that is truly important to him.



Changes Coming to San Bernardino City Hall

The Election Results are mostly in and it looks like there are going to be changes coming to San Bernardino City Hall.

Wendy McCammack came in first place in the Mayor’s race with 24.09% of the vote.  Newcomer Carey Davis was right behind her with 23.50%.

Carey Davis, failed Mayor Pat Morris' chosen successor, is going into a runoff election for Mayor of San Bernardino.

Carey Davis, failed Mayor Pat Morris’ chosen successor, is going into a runoff election for Mayor of San Bernardino against Wendy McCammack.

Rick Avila received 11.62% of the vote in the Mayor’s race.  Rikke Van Johnson received 10.93%.  The other six candidates on the ballot, including Chas Kelley who is disqualified from holding public office due to his felony conviction, each received less than 10% of the vote.

Since no candidate received more than 50% of the vote, McCammack and Davis will face each other in a Runoff Election in February to determine who will be San Bernardino’s next Mayor.

Even though Wendy McCammack is advancing on in the Mayor’s race, voters of San Bernardino’s 7th Ward recalled McCammack from the City Council by a vote of 58.45% to 41.55%.  Jim Mulvihill has been elected to replace McCammack on the City Council.

Also recalled from office is long time City Attorney and perennial political lightening rod, Jim Penman.  Voters tossed Penman from the job by a vote of 60.46% to 39.54%.   Attorney Gary Saenz has been elected to take Penman’s job.

In the other recall race, 3rd Ward City Councilman John Valdivia handily fought off the attempt to remove him from office.  62.67% of 3rd Ward voters opposed recalling Valdivia.

2nd Ward City Councilman Robert Jenkins who in the weeks before the election was charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors in a case involving stalking and identity theft was defeated.  Benito Barrias, a complete unknown, was able to capitalize on Jenkins’ legal issues and win election with 55.43% of the vote.

In City Council Ward 4, incumbent Fred Shorett failed to win re-election to the City Council.  Shorett received 48.30% of the vote, business owner Anthony Jones received 30.97%, and third place finisher Kathy Pinegar took 20.73% of the vote.

As in the Mayor’s race, with no candidate receiving more than 50% of the vote the top two vote getters are going into a runoff.

However, there are late ballots still to be counted which could possibly increase Shorett’s share of the vote to over 50% and prevent a runoff.

In the 1st City Council Ward, incumbent Virginia Marquez, easily fought off two challengers, winning re-election to her seat with 56.55% of the vote.

This article has been updated to reflect the revised vote percentages as released by the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters during the canvassing of the ballots.

Move Against San Bernardino Fire Department Falls Short

At last night’s meeting of the San Bernardino City Council, Fred Shorett’s motion to outsource and disband the San Bernardino Fire Department failed on a 3 -2 vote.

Fred Shorett, Virginia Marquez and Rikke Van Johnson voted in favor of disbanding the Fire Department.

Robert Jenkins and John Valdivia voted against the motion.

Wendy McCammack was absent due to a sinus infection and the 5th Ward Council Seat is vacant due to Chas Kelley’s conviction and resignation last week.

The San Bernardino City Charter requires 4 votes for a measure to pass, therefore the anti-public safety forces of Mayor Pat Morris, Fred Shorett, Virginia Marquez, and Rikke Van Johnson fell short in their continuing quest to outsource and disband the city’s Fire Department.

An Interview with City Councilwoman Wendy McCammack

San Bernardino City Bankruptcy is please to bring you the fifth in our series of interviews with candidates for Mayor of San Bernardino in the November 2013.

Wendy McCammack, candidate for Mayor of San Bernardino and City Councilwoman.

Wendy McCammack, candidate for Mayor of San Bernardino and City Councilwoman.

Today’s online interview is with Wendy McCammack, the City Council current representative for San Bernardino’s 7th Ward and one of eleven candidates for Mayor.

Rememberthe San Bernardino Police Officers Association is hosting a Mayoral Candidates Forum the evening of Saturday, September 14th.  If you are interested in attending, please reserve your seats by clicking this link.

Councilwoman McCammack, thank you for your time today.

You were first elected to to the San Bernardino City Council in 2000, then re-elected in, 2003, 2007 and 2011. During that time what were some of your major concerns about how the City was managing its finances?

I have always thought of the decisions I have made, albeit as only one vote on the City Council, as a business owner who should make decisions that will provide long term financial stability.

I have consistently asked my colleagues to stick to a fiscally conservative plan, making decisions that will be smart in the long run.

Decisions that I felt were not smart included the $192,000,000 replacement bus line, hundreds of millions wasted on an airport to no where, $10,000,000 spent to help a for-profit theater business get in business and stay in business, wasted money on Operation Phoenix, and more wasteful spending coddling parolees, homeless and panhandlers. All of these things, yet only a partial list, were bad decisions and I find them insulting to the taxpayers.

What steps did you attempt to take to correct these problems that would eventually lead to the City of San Bernardino declaring bankruptcy?

Again, as one vote who seemed to be in the minority of the 7 council votes, I have consistently asked the Mayor and City Manager (of the day) to remove non-essentials from the budget. I did not have the majority of support on the council for such requests that were repeated year after year.

I consistently asked for reports that would have shown that restricted funds were in the red year after year, but those requests went unanswered or I was told “we cannot create the report for which you are asking.”

Even when the City Manager warned of large deficits in a five year projection, the Mayor continued to put a “balanced” budget before the Council members. Those two actions contradict each other, as I remarked year after year.

Last summer when the City suddenly declared bankrupty, how did you vote on this action and why?

Three San Bernardino City Officials Facing Recall

The effort to recall every City of San Bernardino elected official, that turned into a recall effort of the officials not up for election this year, has become a recall effort against three.

The San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters yesterday validated that enough signatures had been gathered against City Councilmembers John Valdiva and Wendy McCammack, and against City Attorney Jim Penman to call a Recall Election.

To force a recall election against John Valdivia 2,355 signatures from registered voters in his City Council Ward were required.  2,698 valid signatures were collected.

To force a recall election against Wendy McCammack 3,021 signatures from registered voters in her City Council Ward were required. 3,141 were collected.

To force a recall election against Jim Penman 11,588 signatures from registered voters in the City of San Bernardino were required. 11,855 were collected.

The recall effort against City Councilman Chas Kelley fell short. 3,677 signatures from voters in his Council Ward were required. Only 2,351 were collected.

However the recall effort does have an additional 30 days to attempt to gather sufficient signatures against Councilman Kelley.

Pensions Did Not Cause San Bernardino Bankruptcy

There is a a political narrative in San Bernardino spread by Mayor Pat Morris and his anti-public safety allies on the City Council that the pensions offered to Police Officers and Fire Fighters is the main reason the City had to declare bankruptcy.

That is an untrue fiction perpetrated by the Morris political faction to deflect blame away from the Pat Morris’s failures in office and to fuel support for the dangerous cuts Pat Morris and his cronies would like to impose on public safety in San Bernardino.

In November 2012, a study compiled by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley concluded “a high per-capita ratio of police cuts down on violent crime, and saves money.”

The study pointed out “that each dollar spent on police is associated with approximately $1.60 in reduced victimization cost.”

It then went on to rank the 30 most under-policed cities in the United States. San Bernardino came in at #19.

Not in California, but in the United States!

Please note San Bernaridno filed bankruptcy only the months before, and the “exodus” of sworn officers and civilian staff had not even begun to heat up. So the numbers released in the study are “pre-bankruptcy.”

Since that time, Mayor Morris and his City Council Majority attempted to sell the San Bernardino Police Department, and promised the same with the Fire Department.

Where Has the Measure Z Money Gone?

Since 2007, the City of San Bernardino has collected over $28 million through the voter-approved Measure Z.

The voters directed the Mayor and the City Council to spend the tax dollars generated by Measure Z to make San Bernardino’s neighborhoods and families safer.

But where has the money gone?

That’s the topic of a recent mailer sent by the San Bernardino Police Officers Association.

Although the City has been collecting millions of dollars in additional tax revenues, Mayor Pat Morris along with his rubber stamp City Council majority have made deep cuts to public safety that have resulted in San Bernardino losing roughly 30% of it’s Police Officers.