Happy Thanksgiving

The men and women of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

While our city has many serious issues confronting it, today is a day for us to reflect upon the things in our lives and our community for which we are grateful.


Important Halloween Safety Tips

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association wants to remind everyone that Halloween is once again upon us. 

For this special evening, we ask that you re-focus from the political events of our community, such as spotting the ghouls and goblins running for local positions, to make sure your priorities are in order for the safety of both children and adults.

Halloween 2006

(Photo credit: Terry.Tyson)

Halloween can be fun, but it can also be dangerous if some common sense rules aren’t followed to protect ourselves, our guests and our children.

There are lots of simple ways to help keep everyone safe on Halloween, when accidents and injuries are more likely to occur. Below are some tips that should be reviewed to help keep Halloween a fun night for all.

Public Backlash Stops Outsourcing of San Bernardino Police Department

San Bernardino City Clerk Gigi Hanna went into full damage control mode for Mayor Pat Morris and his allies on the City Council this afternoon.

About an hour after our last article was published, the San Bernardino Police Officers Association was informed by Hanna that Item 7A on the City Council agenda had been amended.

Outsourcing and disbanding the San Bernardino Police Department was no longer a part of the agenda.

The City Hall spin machine is stating that the Agenda Item was only supposed to deal with outsourcing and disbanding the San Bernardino Fire Department.

However there seems to have been a touch of deception to this, as a full 72 hours passed before the City Council Agenda was actually amended.

We also received information that adding the Police Department to Agenda Item 7A was done at the behest of Mayor Morris and the City Manager to gauge public reaction.

Basically if the public didn’t respond,  they would have moved forward with the vote.  If the public did respond negatively, they would say it was all a mistake and amend the item.

As we can all see, the public responded in a big way.

On behalf of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association, we want to thank everyone who spoke up in this matter.  Your voice was heard loud and clear at City Hall.

If you were planning on coming to the Council Meeting tonight at 4pm, while outsourcing the Police Department is off the table, outsourcing and disbanding the San Bernardino Fire Department will still be up for a vote.

We’re sure San Bernardino’s Fire Fighters would appreciate your show of support if you can still make it.


San Bernardino Deserves Better Than Fred Shorett

City Councilman Fred Shorett has failed the people of San Bernardino and they deserve better.

Shorett Head in the Sand

Fred Shorett failed to stop the city’s wasteful spending that drove the San Bernardino into bankruptcy.

Fred Shorett ignored the public safety needs of the community, now violent crime like murder is up 51% in San Bernardino.

Fred Shorett also failed to create an economic recovery program to bring jobs here.  Now 11,000 residents are out of work with 31% of San Bernardino living in poverty.

Shorett Head in Sand Back

San Bernardino residents deserve better leadership and service than what they’ve been getting from Fred Shorett.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association encourages the voters in City Council Ward 4 to fire Fred Shorett and elect Anthony Jones this November 5th.

San Bernardino Police Officers Association Issues Statement on Chas Kelley Case

San Bernardino City Councilman Chas Kelley today resigned his seat, withdrew from the mayor’s race and pled guilty to felony perjury relating to false information on his campaign finance reports.

The following is the official statement of Steve Turner, president of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association:

“It is shameful and unfortunate that Chas Kelley abused his position in this way.  San Bernardino has enough problems to deal with.  Our city shouldn’t have to be concerned about the legal conduct of its elected officials, especially when it comes to money.

“Thankfully, Mr. Kelley is sparing the residents and taxpayers of San Bernardino greater hardship by admitting this crime, resigning from the City Council, and dropping out of the mayor’s race.”

Photos from the Mayoral Candidates Forum

Here’s some photographs that were taken Saturday night at the Mayoral Candidates Forum hosted by the San Bernardino Police Officers Association.

Many thanks to Joe Valdivia for taking these pictures for us.

Click on the images to enlarge and to read their captions.

Mayoral Candidates Forum A Huge Success

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association would like to thank the ten candidates for Mayor, the readers of San Bernardino City Bankruptcy who submitted questions, Cal State San Bernardino, moderator Brad Pomerance, and the large group of voters who turned out Saturday night to make the 2013 Mayoral Candidates Forum a huge success.

San Bernardino Police Officers Association President Steve Turner, with moderator Brad Pomerance to the left, addresses the 10 mayoral candidates.

San Bernardino Police Officers Association President Steve Turner, with moderator Brad Pomerance to the left, addresses the 10 mayoral candidates.

San Bernardino City Bankruptcy live tweeted most of the forum on Twitter from its account @SBBankruptcy. Unfortunately we hit our limit of Tweets and wound up in “Twitter Jail” unable to tweet during the last third of the candidates forum.

Ryan Hagan (@SBCityNow) of The Sun and San Bernardino Police Officers Association President Steve Turner (@50sturner) continued the tweeting.

The hashtag #sbforum was used to group the tweets for the evening.

Many in attendance also tweeted their enjoyment with the candidates forum, the questions asked, and the format.

Jones Babcock Tweets

Kathy Mallon Tweet

Rocio Pomerance TweetsRyan Hagan of The Sun reported on the candidates forum:

Ten of the 11 candidates for mayor participated Saturday evening in a three-hour forum hosted by the San Bernardino Police Officers Association.

Public safety was the focus of many of the questions — and a stated priority of every participant — but given the city’s bankruptcy and other challenges, much more was at stake, said union president Steve Turner.

“The San Bernardino Police Officers Association is really concerned about the future of this city. We are also really concerned about the future safety of this city,” Turner told an audience of about 100. “We hope this helps you with your decision, which is probably one of the most important San Bernardino will have for a very long time.”

The Forum did not have any opening statements from the candidates and jumped straight into the questions.

Candidates were allowed 90 seconds to answer each question.

Two questions were geared directly at the three sitting City Councilmembers running for Mayor – Chas Kelley, Wendy McCammack, and Rikkee Van Johnson.

The Forum also included a Lightening Round of direct questions.

Ryan Hagan wrote in his article:

In a “lightning round,” where candidates were allowed to answer only yes or no, a controversial section of the charter that requires police and firefighters to be paid the average of what 10 like-sized cities pay got support from all but Councilman Rikke Van Johnson, corporate controller Carey Davis and retired teacher Richard Castro.

Similarly, most said they wanted an audit of how Measure Z money, approved by voters in 2007, had been spent.

“It was sold as 40 additional officers and you got 40 additional officers, but you don’t still have 40 additional officers,” said Councilwoman Wendy McCammack. “I believe it was completely within the law, but it wasn’t what you were sold.”

Others went further than that — contractor Rick Avila called for an FBI investigation, and financial analyst Henry Nickel said there were “signs of misappropriation.”

Also nearly unanimous was the response to a question on whether candidates would accept an endorsement if it were offered by Pat Morris, who has served two terms as mayor. Only Davis said yes.

Again thank you to everyone who participated in one way or another in the Mayoral Candidates Forum.

Your involvement in this election will have a giant impact on the future of the City of San Bernardino.

(As of September 26, 2013 there are 10 candidates for mayor on the ballot rather than 11. Concepcion Powell was disqualified as a candidate from the ballot.)

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Voters Guide to the Candidates for Mayor of San Bernardino

(Updated September 26, 2013.  Concepcion Powell was removed from the ballot for failing to pay her filing fees. There are now 10 rather than 11 candidates on the ballot for Mayor).

In this year’s election for Mayor of San Bernardino, the San Bernardino Police Officers Association has been committed to a fair and equitable vetting process.

This is essential in the search for a Mayor who is capable of leading our community out of bankruptcy, through the many issues that we share, and into the future.

In prior elections, the endorsement process of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association included only a voluntary interview between the candidate and our Political Action Committee.

This year, due to the current condition of the City, we strongly believed this Election demanded more.

For this election cycle, we added two additional components.

In addition to the interview with the Political Action Committee, we added an online interview to be published on this website, and the public Mayoral Candidates Forum at Cal State San Bernardino on September 14th.

All ten candidates were invited to participate this process.

Rules and Format Announced for Mayoral Candidate Forum

This week the San Bernardino Police Officers Association released the following format and rules for the Association’s highly anticipated Mayoral Candidate Forum:

1. Each candidate will be provided 2 seats inside the venue for their choice of support (spouse, campaign manager, etc.). We ask that guests arrive with the candidate and we will show them to their seats. It is ok to invite additional campaign supporters. General seating is not reserved.

2. We ask that the candidates arrive at the venue by 5 PM. At this time, you will be provided a note pad and a pen. The Candidate will receive a copy of all questions that may be asked during the event. You may take notes. You will be permitted to review your notes, but you may not read any prepared or written statements or answers from your notes. The event will begin promptly at 6 PM.

3. The question review sheet contains 20 of the questions that were considered for this forum. Not all questions will be asked, and they will not be asked in the order listed on the review sheet.

4. Each candidate will be introduced to the audience one at a time, beginning with the far end of the stage (left side of the moderator). Candidate seating will be determined prior to the event, by draw. Please do not rearrange the seating cards.

5. There will be no opening or closing statement by the Candidates.  The field of 11 candidates would have taken up too much of our time. Feel free to bring campaign materials, but we ask that these not be handed out until after the event.

6. Questioning will begin with the candidate on the near end of the stage (right of the moderator). Each subsequent question will begin with the next candidate on the right.

7. As we have received a number of questions directed to the “incumbent council members,” we have dedicated 2 questions for these panelists only. These dedicated questions are not meant to be unfair to anyone on the panel, but are simply being responsive to the questions that were submitted on SanBernardinoCityBankruptcy.

8. Time Limits- There will be a timekeeper.

a. Each candidate will be permitted 90 seconds to respond to a question. There      will be no rebuttal.

b. A lighted electronic timer will be used to keep track of time. Should there be a         malfunction of this timer a back-up system will be used.

c. Back-up system – A yellow card will be held up when the candidate has 15 seconds left, please begin to wrap up your answer.

d. A red card will be held up when the candidate’s time has lapsed. Please end your response at this time.

9. The moderator may ask a follow up question for clarification purposes only. This question should prompt a yes or no response.

10. Lightening Round:

We will have a “lightening round” in which the candidate may answer “yes,” “no” or     “pass.”

These questions are straightforward and cover topics regularly discussed in San      Bernardino. These questions will not be on the review sheet so as to provide the             audience an opportunity to see how the candidates respond on their toes.

11. The candidates are reminded that this event is being recorded.

12. We will ask that the audience and candidates silence their cell phones, and that applause be held until the event is over.

13. Campaign materials may not be distributed prior to, or inside the venue. We ask that campaign materials be distributed outside and at the completion of the event, only. 


Brad Pomerance to Moderate the Mayoral Candidate Forum

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association is pleased to announce that television news host Brad Pomerance will be serving as the moderator for its upcoming Mayoral Candidates Forum.

Brad Pomerance

Host of California Edition, Brad Pomerance.

Brad  has become a fixture on California’s television landscape, serving as the Host of California Edition, broadcasting daily, statewide on the California Channel.

In this capacity, Brad regularly interviews City Councilmembers, County Supervisors, California Assembly Members, Senators and Constitutional Officers, United States Congressional Members and more.

Brad also serves as the Host of the weekly news magazine, The J Report with Brad Pomerance, on JLTV.

Previously, Brad worked as an Anchor and Reporter for HLN’s Local Edition, LA City View Channel 35’s LA This Week and KDOC’s Daybreak OC. Brad has been nominated for three Los Angeles-area Emmys – for his work at Channel 35 and on Local Edition.

A licensed attorney, Brad received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, Cum Laude, from The University of Southern California, and his Juris Doctor, With High Honors, from George Washington University’s National Law Center.

You can watch episodes of the thirty-minute program California Edition at www.youtube.com/charterlocaledition.