Voters Guide to the Candidates for Mayor of San Bernardino

(Updated September 26, 2013.  Concepcion Powell was removed from the ballot for failing to pay her filing fees. There are now 10 rather than 11 candidates on the ballot for Mayor).

In this year’s election for Mayor of San Bernardino, the San Bernardino Police Officers Association has been committed to a fair and equitable vetting process.

This is essential in the search for a Mayor who is capable of leading our community out of bankruptcy, through the many issues that we share, and into the future.

In prior elections, the endorsement process of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association included only a voluntary interview between the candidate and our Political Action Committee.

This year, due to the current condition of the City, we strongly believed this Election demanded more.

For this election cycle, we added two additional components.

In addition to the interview with the Political Action Committee, we added an online interview to be published on this website, and the public Mayoral Candidates Forum at Cal State San Bernardino on September 14th.

All ten candidates were invited to participate this process.

The deadline for the candidates to return the their interview responses was September 3, 2013.

Seven of the Mayoral Candidates participated our online interview series.

As those interviews were published on this website throughout the last several weeks beginning at the end of July, the San Bernardino Police Officers Association has put together a compilation of the candidate interview series.

That compilation is now available for download as the Voters Guide to the 2013 Candidates for Mayor of San Bernardino.

The Voter Guide is grouped by question with the answers from the candidates listed in the order their responses to the online interview were originally received.

There were additional questions asked of the three incumbent City Councilmembers who are seeking the position of Mayor. Those questions and their answers are at the end of the Voter Guide.

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