The Pension Hypocrisy of Pat Morris

Mayor Pat Morris knows that as he prepares to leave office he will most likely go down in history as the worst mayor of San Bernardino.

This is not a subjective opinion as Morris and his supporters will claim. It’s a fact.

Don’t think so? Then please name one other Mayor of San Bernardino who had the City go bankrupt while they were in office.

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about another fact Pat Morris doesn’t want to admit:  he is responsible for San Bernardino’s bankruptcy no matter how you cut it.

If you believe that out of control spending is the culprit, then Pat Morris as mayor failed to veto those budgets and spending items that were behind the red ink.

If you believe pension benefits provided to San Bernardino’s Police Officers and Fire Fighters are to blame for the city’s insolvency, Pat Morris is still to blame.

Before Pat Morris was elected Mayor, the 3% at 50 retirement benefit didn’t exist in San Bernardino. Pat Morris introduced it.

Pat Morris proposed increasing retirement benefits to San Bernardino’s public safety professionals. It was the brain child of the mayor himself.

He even got the entire City Council to go along with him, including Rikke Van Johnson who also likes to bash public safety pensions as the City’s main problem.

And here’s the documents that prove it:

Public safety employees didn't have the 3% at 50 retirement benefit until Pat Morris offered it in 2006 (click to enlarge)

San Bernardino 3 at 50 Vote Morris’s recent publicity tour calling for a constitutional amendment to gut retiree pension and healthcare benefits is nothing but a sham to paper over his horrendous record as Mayor of San Bernardino.

He does not have the money or the support statewide to pass such an initiative, even if he really wanted to.

And make no mistake, Pat Morris doesn’t really want to curb public employee pensions. After all he’s got a very nice pension himself.

According to CalPERS, Pat Morris makes an annual pension of $117, 199.52.

That’s a monthly stipend of $9,825.96.

Not bad for a failed judge who became a failed mayor of a city where over 31% of the people he was elected to represent live below the federal poverty line.