The Failed Legacy of Mayor Pat Morris

There’s good new on the horizon for the people of San Bernardino.

The tenure of Pat Morris as Mayor of San Bernardino is coming to an end.

Mayor Pat Morris used a city credit card to pay for a $671 tab in a New York City restaurant.

The legacy of Mayor Pat Morris can be summed up in three words:  Bankruptcy, Waste, and Corruption.

Sadly the man who promised the people so much when he was elected to office eight years ago is leaving the City of San Bernardino in a worse condition than when we was sworn in as mayor.

Instead of a record of success and accomplishments,  the legacy of Mayor Pat Morris can be summed up in three words:  Bankruptcy, Waste, and Corruption.

One need look no further than at several of the individuals Morris selected to oversee and protect the taxpayers money to see this is true.

Exhibit A:  Scot Spencer 

In 2007, Pat Morris hired convicted felon Scot Spencer to develop the San Bernardino International Airport.

Scot Spencer's booking photo

Scot Spencer was arrested on March 24, 2013 on charges of defrauding taxpayers of over $1 million.

Scot Spencer had been banned by the FAA from working in the aviation industry in 2005. Despite Spencer’s notorious past, Pat Morris as president of the San Bernardino International Airport Authority hired Spencer.

Spencer’s various business entities controlled most of the San Bernardino Airport and received over $6 million in development fees and reimbursements.

Taxpayers witnessed and paid for the costs of the Terminal Project, which skyrocketed from a cost of $45 million to $142 million with the approval and support of Mayor Pat Morris.

On March 24, 2013 Scot Spencer was arrested on charges that he defrauded taxpayer of over $1 million.

Exhibit B:  Charles McNeeley

Pat Morris hired Charles McNeeley as the City Manager of San Bernardino.

McNeeley took home an excessive salary of $275,000, $73,000 in perks, and was paid $15,000 to relocate for the job.

Aware that the City of San Bernardino was becoming financially insolvent, McNeeley remodeled his office and went on a spending spree with his city issued credit card.

McNeeley also oversaw a $15 million payment to Affordable Housing Solutions, a company ran by Emil Marzullo, the interim Director of San Bernardino’s Economic Development Agency.

Charles McNeeley abruptly resigned in disgrace as city manager in May of 2012.

Exhibit C:  Emil Marzullo

Emil Marzullo was appointed as interim Director of the San Bernardino Economic Development Agency in February, 2008.

Marzullo also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the San Bernardino Economic Development Corporation and was identified as the President of Affordable Housing Solutions.

As mentioned above, Marzullo’s company received a $15 million payment from the City of San Bernardino.

This questionable payment led the State of California to consider withholding sales and property taxes to the City and resulted in a costly lawsuit between the City and the State.

Exhibit D:  Allen Parker

Allen Parker was tapped by Mayor Pat Morris as San Bernardino’s new City Manager.

Parker however had a questionable past.  He had  twice gone bankrupt and was successfully sued for his management failures at the Banning Heights Mutual Water Company.

Despite, his problematic financial record, Allen Parker was hired by Mayor Morris and the City Council in a 6 – 0 vote.