10 Candidates Seeking Election as San Bernardino’s Next Mayor

(Updated on September 26, 2013 to reflect final official list of candidates)

Who in their right mind would want to be Mayor of San Bernardino, California?

The City is bankrupt. Crime is spiking out of control. Far too many residents have been out of work for far too long.

You couldn’t pay most people enough money to take the job.

Well, as it turns out there are ten people who have filed to run for Mayor.  Originally there were eleven, but candidate Concepcion Powell was disqualified and removed from the ballot.

They will now spend the next several weeks making their case to San Bernardino’s voters that they have the knowledge and skills to turn the City around from out-going Mayor Pat Morris’s 8 year legacy of failure.

The candidates for Mayor of San Bernardino are, in alphabetical order:

Rick Avila

Richard Castro

Draymond Crawford

Carey Davis 

Chas Kelley

Matthew Korner

Wendy McCammack

Henry Nickel

Karmel Roe

Rikke Van Johnson

One name surprisingly not on this long list of candidates is Toyota of San Bernardino auto dealer Cliff Cummings.

The Press-Enterprise reported on August 3, 2013 that Cummings would be a candidate for mayor.

Cummings appears to have gone through the motions of filing for office. He pulled candidate papers and collected nomination signatures, but for reasons as of yet unknown did not file these required documents with the City Clerk before the filing period closed.

Nevertheless, the race is now set with a crowded field of above mentioned eleven candidates.

With such a crowded field it is unlikely that 50% of the voters will be able to agree on any one candidate this November. The two candidates who receive the most votes will then go on to a head-to-head match up in a January Runoff Election.

San Bernardino City Bankruptcy is asking every mayoral candidate to participate in an online interview. The questions for each candidates are the same. Candidates who are also sitting City Councilmembers (Chas Kelley, Wendy McCammack, and Rikke Van Johnson) have some extra questions about San Bernardino’s bankruptcy.

Our interviews with Chas Kelley and Draymond Crawford have already been published.  We will continue to publish the interviews in the next couple of weeks.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association, which runs this website through its political action committee, has not endorsed any candidate for mayor.