San Bernardino Police Officers Association’s Statement on City Recalls

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association opposes the recall of any City elected officials at this time.

The recall process is reserved for instances where an elected official’s misconduct in office is brazenly unethical or clearly illegal. In such cases it is in the best interest of the people to seek the removal of that person from office rather than wait until the next scheduled election.

Such circumstances do not exist at this time and a Special Election should not be called.

This is the same position the San Bernardino Police Officers Association held when recall petitions were circulated against City elected officials in 2013. If at the depths of San Bernardino’s bankruptcy we could not support recalls, it makes even less sense for our Association to do so today.

Additionally, were any recall to move forward it would be at an extravagant cost to San Bernardino’s taxpayers. It makes little sense for a bankrupt city to spend $100,000 or more for a Special Election that is not necessary.

Over the last five years the San Bernardino Police Department has been dreadfully understaffed. This directly affects our ability to enforce the law and prevent crime.  Rather than waste this money on an unnecessary recall election, the people of San Bernardino would be better served if their money was spent to reduce crime and make the city’s neighborhoods safer.

As always, the safety of San Bernardino’s residents remains our top priority.