SBPOA’s Statement on Wednesday’s City Council Meeting

On Wednesday night the City of San Bernardino took an unfortunate step back into the past all of us had hoped had been left behind.

This happened when three elected members of the city council walked away from their duties and left the council meeting early.

Because of their unexpected departures, the city council was unable to conduct the public’s business and was forced to adjourn early.

This was an unnecessary waste of taxpayer money and of the residents valuable time who attended the meeting to give input on issues that were not discussed.

As the police officers of San Bernardino, we expect better from the elected leadership of the city.

We do not expect these elected leaders to always agree on things, but we do expect them to lead.

The residents of San Bernardino undoubtedly expect the same.

It is our sincere hope that the three city councilmembers who left the meeting understand that what they did was not in the best interests of the city.

We hope that they return to the dais as soon as possible to work through the issues facing our city.