SBPOA’s Statement on Proposed San Bernardino City Charter

The San Bernardino City Council recently approved a new proposed City Charter intended to improve the governance of San Bernardino.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association initially had reservations about this proposed City Charter. As originally submitted to the Council, the proposed Charter was deficient, as it did not make the City’s commitment to the safety of its residents a clear priority.

Fortunately, City Councilmembers Virginia Marquez, Benito Barrios, John Valdivia, Henry Nickel, and Bessine Littlefield Richard voted to amend the proposed Charter before approving it. These five councilmembers demonstrated a commitment to residents safety by stating clearly San Bernardino’s commitment to maintaining its own Police Department, rather than contracting out for lesser services.

We are disappointed that Councilmembers Fred Shorett and James Mulvihill do not share their colleagues’ commitment to public safety. They voted against the wisdom of the majority of the City Council and the safety of their own constituents when they opposed the inclusion of the San Bernardino Police Department in the proposed City Charter.

Councilmembers Shorett and Mulvihill were apparently following the advice of former Mayor Pat Morris whose 8 years of failed leadership sent San Bernardino into bankruptcy and weakened the Police Department, both major contributing factors in rising crime. Hopefully Councilmembers Shorett and Mulvihill will pay more than lip service to the safety of San Bernardino’s residents in the future.

This proposed City Charter will be on the ballot for the voters to approve or reject in the November Election. The San Bernardino Police Officers Association has not yet taken a position on the proposed revised City Charter. Should SBPOA take a position prior to the Election, we will inform the public of that decision.