San Bernardino Police Officers Association Supports Measure L

SBPOA backs plan to update City Charter

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association supports Measure L to update and modernize our City Charter.

At a time when our city is nearing the end of the Bankruptcy process, it is important to make the most of this very rare opportunity to improve operations of how San Bernardino will be governed in the future.

Measure L will improve accountability by clarifying the lines of authority between the various branches of our City government.

Measure L also requires an annual independent financial audit, a balanced budget, and it enhances public safety through the guarantee of a fully staffed and stable Municipal Police Department.

Measure L will also consolidate the election of our civic leaders to even numbered years, improving voter turnout and reducing costs to the taxpayers.

Measure L is a “win-win” for the City of San Bernardino. San Bernardino will exit the bankruptcy process with a clean slate and the promise of improvement for our roads, street lights and other quality of life issues in our community.

We urge the citizens of San Bernardino to join the San Bernardino Police Officers Association in supporting Measure L.