San Bernardino Named Worst Run City in America 2 Years in a Row

It’s not a title any city would want to ever have even once.

It’s certainly not a title any city would want to have twice.

But the City of San Bernardino has managed to pull it off.

English: Downtown San Bernardino

San Bernardino, CA has now been named the Worst-Run City in America for two consecutive years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

24/7 Wall Street has for the second consecutive year named San Bernardino, California as the Worst Run City in America.

Detroit, Michigan with all of its massive problems couldn’t even unseat San Bernardino from the #1 spot.

This dubious and unwanted honor perfectly highlights the mismanagement and failed leadership of Mayor Pat Morris for the last eight years.

Thankfully Pat Morris will be out of office in less than two months. ┬áBut he’s left an enormous mess for his successor that must be cleaned up if San Bernardino is truly going to rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix.