San Bernardino Deserves Better Than Fred Shorett

City Councilman Fred Shorett has failed the people of San Bernardino and they deserve better.

Shorett Head in the Sand

Fred Shorett failed to stop the city’s wasteful spending that drove the San Bernardino into bankruptcy.

Fred Shorett ignored the public safety needs of the community, now violent crime like murder is up 51% in San Bernardino.

Fred Shorett also failed to create an economic recovery program to bring jobs here.  Now 11,000 residents are out of work with 31% of San Bernardino living in poverty.

Shorett Head in Sand Back

San Bernardino residents deserve better leadership and service than what they’ve been getting from Fred Shorett.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association encourages the voters in City Council Ward 4 to fire Fred Shorett and elect Anthony Jones this November 5th.