Rikke Van Johnson Unqualified to be Mayor

Rikke Van Johnson is one of ten candidates running to be the next Mayor of San Bernardino.

Rikke Van Johnson's record on the city council shows he's unfit to be mayor.

Rikke Van Johnson’s record on the city council shows he’s unfit to be mayor.

He is also the one candidate most transparently unqualified for the job of mayor.

For the past ten years Johnson has represented San Bernardino’s 6th Ward on the City Council.

One need only look back at Rikke Van Johnson’s council record since 2003 to see that he is unqualified and unfit to serve in the capacity of mayor.

Rikke Van Johnson is without a doubt one of the people directly responsible for San Bernardino’s two biggest problems:  crime and bankruptcy.

Johnson has constantly been a blind supporter of Mayor Pat Morris, his anti-public safety crusade, and the Mayor’s irresponsible spending.

The Sun on October 15, 2007 described Johnson as “a staunch ally of Morris and his anti-crime philosophy.”  That philosophy as we know has made San Bernardino a very dangerous place for both residents and police officers.

Rikke Van Johnson has consistently opposed putting more Police Officers on the street to combat crime that victimizes the community.

Johnson defended his positions against hiring more Police by saying in The Sun on November 14, 2006 that “There are other ways to reduce crime.”

Really? What were those? Getting rid of the officers already on the job?

That’s what Johnson voted to do when he supported furloughing Police Officers in February 2009 and July 2010.

In August 2010 Rikke Van Johnson also voted to lay off  Police Officers.

But those actions that put the safety of San Bernardino’s residents at risk didn’t go far enough for Johnson.

In November 2012 Rikke Van Johnson voted to disband the San Bernardino Police Department.

While this action eventually failed, it still accomplished Johnson’s goal.

Over 100 Police Officers left the San Bernardino Police Department – a 30% reduction in the city’s police force.

Johnson’s actions have resulted in a horrific spike in violent crime.

According to the FBI, since 2010 murders are up 51%, robberies are up 27%, and assaults are up 21% in San Bernardino.

Johnson’s actions on the City Council are also responsible for San Bernardino going bankrupt.

Don’t believe that? Take a look at the record?

After the City declared bankruptcy, Rikke Van Johnson is quoted saying in The Sun on August 15, 2012:

“We had warning that were shot out in 2007. We were told we needed to address our structure or it would catch up with us.”

So what did Rikke Van Johnson do after he was first warned that San Bernardino could go broke? Did he work to bring Pat Morris’ wild spending under control?

No. A review of City Budgets for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 reveals something Johnson hopes voters won’t notice.

Rikke Van Johnson ignored that financial warning  and voted for every single out-of-control City Budget from 2007 until the San Bernardino went broke.

This is not the record of a leader.

It’s the record of a failed councilman who does not deserve a promotion to mayor.

San Bernardino can’t afford another mayor who puts his own agenda ahead of what’s good for the law abiding people of this city.

San Bernardino can not afford Rikke Van Johnson as its next mayor.