Pat Morris’ San Bernardino: The Shame of the Inland Empire

As his eight years as the Mayor of San Bernardino come to a close, Pat Morris has not only ruined the City but he’s made San Bernardino the shame of the Inland Empire.

Mayor Morris’ record of failure is well known.

His financial mismanagement drove San Bernardino over the fiscal cliff and into bankruptcy.

His disregard for public safety has seen a hollowing out of the San Bernardino Police Department and a rapid rise in crime throughout the community.

His misguided priorities have harmed San Bernardino’s business community and resulted in record levels of unemployment for residents.

Surrounding cities are now picking up a common mantra:

We’re Not San Bernardino.


Shortly after the City of San Bernardino announced its intention to declare bankruptcy, Ed Adkison, a then-candidate for Mayor of Riverside held a press conference on the steps of Riverside City Hall.

Ed Adkison signed a “Bankruptcy Prevention Pledge” and promised to cut the Mayor’s office budget in half.

Simply put Adkison was telling voters he was no Pat Morris and Riverside would not be the next San Bernardino.


On  June 25, 2013 the Grand Terrace City Council unanimously voted to declare a Fiscal Emergency in San Bernardino’s neighboring city. The vote now paves the way for Grand Terrace to call a special election asking voters to pass a Utility User’s Tax.

Mayor Walt Stanckiewitz told The Sun that Grand Terrace was pursuing this course of action to keep his city solvent and avoid bankruptcy.

“We’re not in the hole,” Stanckiewitz said. “We’re trying to avoid a hole that’s right in front of us. Once we’re in that … it becomes a death spiral.”

Despite such assurances that Grand Terrace was taking steps not to be like Pat Morris’ San Bernardino, many residents voiced concern during the council meeting.

Ryan Hagan who covered the meeting for The Sun tweeted:

Here’s a direct reference from a resident whose name I didn’t hear: Pass tax like Rialto. “We don’t want to wind up like San Bernardino”

And he quoted another resident who addressed the Grand Terrace City Council:

“When I opened my Sun on Saturday and saw ‘draconian cuts ahead,’ I thought it had to be San Bernardino, because I couldn’t imagine it here”

At the end of the meeting the residents in attendance applauded the City Council for the actions they took to declare a Fiscal Emergency and pass a Utility Users Tax.

The message was clear:  Grand Terrace does not want to be San Bernardino.


Even Moreno Valley, a city that suffers from chronic unemployment, budgetary shortfalls, and allegations for rampant corruption at City Hall does not want to be compared to San Bernardino.

Moreno Valley’s Mayor Tom Owings, who recently had his home raided by the FBI, warns about out of control spending on his website, stating specifically that:

Moreno Valley must cut budget deficits now or risk becoming another San Bernardino.

When a politician under federal investigation in city like Moreno Valley is promising to not allow his city to turn into San Bernardino, you know just how far the City of San Bernardino has fallen under the failed leadership of Pat Morris.