SBPOA’s Statement on Wednesday’s City Council Meeting

On Wednesday night the City of San Bernardino took an unfortunate step back into the past all of us had hoped had been left behind.

This happened when three elected members of the city council walked away from their duties and left the council meeting early.

Because of their unexpected departures, the city council was unable to conduct the public’s business and was forced to adjourn early.

This was an unnecessary waste of taxpayer money and of the residents valuable time who attended the meeting to give input on issues that were not discussed.

As the police officers of San Bernardino, we expect better from the elected leadership of the city.

We do not expect these elected leaders to always agree on things, but we do expect them to lead.

The residents of San Bernardino undoubtedly expect the same.

It is our sincere hope that the three city councilmembers who left the meeting understand that what they did was not in the best interests of the city.

We hope that they return to the dais as soon as possible to work through the issues facing our city.

San Bernardino Police Officers Endorse Mayor Carey Davis for Re-Election

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association (SBPOA) has endorsed Carey Davis for Mayor of San Bernardino in the upcoming November Election.


“Mayor Carey Davis has been the steady hand San Bernardino needed to guide our city out of bankruptcy,” Brian Lewis, President of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association said. “Mayor Davis has stood by our police department and our officers during these challenging times. Today the San Bernardino Police Officers Association is proud to stand with Mayor Davis in his re-election efforts.”

Carey Davis was elected Mayor of San Bernardino on February 4, 2014. Davis inherited a bankrupt city and a bitterly divided city council from his predecessor, Pat Morris.

A certified public accountant by profession, Davis brought much needed change to City Hall with his calm, courteous, and collaborative demeanor.

During his term, Davis successfully led San Bernardino out of bankruptcy and provided compassionate reassurance to the city after the terrorist attacks of December 2, 2015.

“As Mayor, Carey Davis has demonstrated his commitment to making the residents and neighborhoods of San Bernardino safer,” Lewis continued. “He is committed to rebuilding our police department and ensuring that it has the resources needed to recruit and retain officers to be properly staffed for a city of this size. This will help improve emergency response times and allow officers to be more proactive against crime and violence.”

“I am honored to have the support of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association,” Mayor Carey Davis said. “These brave and professional police officers have done tremendous work under the most difficult circumstances these last several years. To have earned their trust to continue serving this city as mayor is truly humbling. I look forward to working with the SBPOA and the City Council to return the San Bernardino Police Department to the staffing levels it had before the bankruptcy required such drastic cuts to public safety.”

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association represents the majority of the men and women serving as peace officers in the City of San Bernardino’s Police Department. The Election is scheduled for November 6, 2018.

SBPOA Endorses James Ramos for State Assembly

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association has endorsed James Ramos for the 40th State Assembly District.


“James Ramos is a longtime member of the community, a successful businessman, and a proven leader,” said Brian Lewis, President of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association. “As both a County Supervisor and Chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, James worked hard to serve his constituents and solve problems. He has always stood with law enforcement. James will provide a voice of reason on public safety that is sadly lacking in Sacramento today.”

James Ramos has represented San Bernardino city residents on the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors since 2012. He is also the immediate past chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. James and his wife Terri have been married for 28 years. They are proud parents of four children and three grandchildren.

“I am deeply grateful to have the support of San Bernardino’s Police Officers,” said James Ramos. “These brave men and women work hard daily to keep the residents of San Bernardino safe from crime and violence. They are the best of their profession, as the world saw on December 2, 2015. They are committed to making San Bernardino safer and I am committed to doing all I can to help them in this endeavor if I am chosen to serve in the State Assembly.”

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association joins a long and growing list of supporters backing James Ramos for California’s 40th Assembly District. The San Bernardino Police Officers Association represents the majority of the men and women serving as peace officers in the City of San Bernardino’s Police Department. The Election is scheduled for June 5, 2018.

Join Us in Support of San Bernardino Police Explorer Samantha Spencer

Please help us support one of our San Bernardino Police Department Explorers, Samantha Spencer.

Samantha Spencer is 15 years old and has been an explorer with the San Bernardino Police Department for 2 years. She lives in San Bernardino and attends a local high school where she maintains a 4.5 GPA.

Samantha’s mother is a single mother and sole provider who was recently injured at work. As a result of the medications she was on, she had adverse reactions and has autoimmune issues now. Her mother has had multiple trips to the emergency room and several hospital stays and has been unable to work.

Samantha has not requested any money and this is being done by the San Bernardino Police Officers Association to assist one of our own explorers. The money raised will be used to buy gift cards to assist with groceries and other household expenses.

Samantha is still attending school and will stay with friends during her mother’s hospital stays.

Please join us in supporting SBPD Explorer Samantha Spencer at this GoFundMe page.

This GoFundMe page was created by the San Bernardino Police Officers Association in support of Samantha but is not tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your kind and generous support.

Remembering December 2, 2015

A year ago today a cloud of darkness descended upon our city. 14 innocent lives were taken and 22 innocents wounded in a senseless and unprovoked attack of terrorism.

That darkness however did not prevail. It was confronted by an incredible light —  a light generated by love, courage, compassion, and community. Such a light can never be extinguished and will always overcome whatever darkness comes against it.

The residents of our city, across our nation, and through out the world watched as the people of San Bernardino pulled together to respond to this barbaric act, to comfort the victims and their families, to mourn the innocent lives taken, and to stand fast to the principles of liberty, equality and justice that we hold so dear.

We will never forget what happened the day of December 2, 2015 — but more importantly we will never forget those we lost and those wounded on that terrible day. It is for all of them and their loved ones that we will continue to stand San Bernardino Strong.


SBPOA Opposes Measures N & O, Backs Measure P

The San Bernardino Police Officer’s Association opposes Measures N and O in the November 8th Election.

These competing marijuana initiatives are poorly crafted and deeply flawed. They do not provide for adequate oversight or security. They will not generate enough revenue to allow for proper law enforcement that will be required to ensure public safety.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association has grave concerns regarding the passage of either measure and ask that voters join us in saying NO to Measures N and O.

Additionally, to prevent such reckless initiatives that circumvent our City Council, the San Bernardino Police Officers Association is supporting Measure P. Measure P is a Municipal Code Amendment that explicitly details how medical marijuana sales will be conducted and by whom.

San Bernardino Police Officers Association Supports Measure L

SBPOA backs plan to update City Charter

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association supports Measure L to update and modernize our City Charter.

At a time when our city is nearing the end of the Bankruptcy process, it is important to make the most of this very rare opportunity to improve operations of how San Bernardino will be governed in the future.

Measure L will improve accountability by clarifying the lines of authority between the various branches of our City government.

Measure L also requires an annual independent financial audit, a balanced budget, and it enhances public safety through the guarantee of a fully staffed and stable Municipal Police Department.

Measure L will also consolidate the election of our civic leaders to even numbered years, improving voter turnout and reducing costs to the taxpayers.

Measure L is a “win-win” for the City of San Bernardino. San Bernardino will exit the bankruptcy process with a clean slate and the promise of improvement for our roads, street lights and other quality of life issues in our community.

We urge the citizens of San Bernardino to join the San Bernardino Police Officers Association in supporting Measure L.

SBPOA Opposes Local Marijuana Initiative

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association opposes the local marijuana dispensary ballot measure in the upcoming November 2016 Election.

Unfortunately, there has been some confusion on SBPOA’s position – therefore we wanted to state clearly for the voters of San Bernardino that our association does not support this initiative.

We believe the confusion over our position was inadvertently caused by discussions about different proposals and pending statewide initiatives on this topic.

This initiative was rushed and not thoroughly vetted.  Public safety must be the top priority of our city. We believe this initiative carries with it many risks and will not improve safety of the residents and families of San Bernardino.

SBPOA’s Statement on Proposed San Bernardino City Charter

The San Bernardino City Council recently approved a new proposed City Charter intended to improve the governance of San Bernardino.

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association initially had reservations about this proposed City Charter. As originally submitted to the Council, the proposed Charter was deficient, as it did not make the City’s commitment to the safety of its residents a clear priority.

Fortunately, City Councilmembers Virginia Marquez, Benito Barrios, John Valdivia, Henry Nickel, and Bessine Littlefield Richard voted to amend the proposed Charter before approving it. These five councilmembers demonstrated a commitment to residents safety by stating clearly San Bernardino’s commitment to maintaining its own Police Department, rather than contracting out for lesser services.

We are disappointed that Councilmembers Fred Shorett and James Mulvihill do not share their colleagues’ commitment to public safety. They voted against the wisdom of the majority of the City Council and the safety of their own constituents when they opposed the inclusion of the San Bernardino Police Department in the proposed City Charter.

Councilmembers Shorett and Mulvihill were apparently following the advice of former Mayor Pat Morris whose 8 years of failed leadership sent San Bernardino into bankruptcy and weakened the Police Department, both major contributing factors in rising crime. Hopefully Councilmembers Shorett and Mulvihill will pay more than lip service to the safety of San Bernardino’s residents in the future.

This proposed City Charter will be on the ballot for the voters to approve or reject in the November Election. The San Bernardino Police Officers Association has not yet taken a position on the proposed revised City Charter. Should SBPOA take a position prior to the Election, we will inform the public of that decision.

SBPOA Supports SB 987 by Senator Richard Roth

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association is backing the passage of SB 897 authored by Senator Richard Roth.

This important legislation provides for an additional year of paid leave to police officers critically injured by someone in the line of duty, like our own SBPD Officer Gabriel Garcia.

Please contact your State Senator and State Assemblymember to let them know you support SB 897.