Murder Rate Remains Tragically High in 2013

The darkest mark on the record of outgoing San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris isn’t the city’s bankruptcy.

The number of murders in San Bernardino is the darkest mark on Pat Morris's record.

The number of murders in San Bernardino is the darkest mark on Pat Morris’s record.

It’s the horrific level of violent crime in the city Morris was twice elected to lead.

“San Bernardino ended 2013 with 46 homicides, one less than the year before,” The Sun reported at the start of this new year.

As Mayor, Pat Morris had the ability to make public safety and crime prevention his top priority.  He failed to do so and the residents of San Bernardino have suffered because it – especially after the economy collapsed.

Now as Pat Morris is leaving office, he is also leaving a huge mess for San Bernardino’s next mayor to clean up.

Not only is San Bernardino bankrupt, but crime is rampant throughout our community as  Pat Morris has turned his back on the Police Department

Should San Bernardino rebound economically, its going to need to attract job-creating business investment.

But businesses are not going to want to locate here if the city remains so unsafe.

Clearly the next mayor – whether it’s Wendy McCammack or Carey Davis – will need to have a completely different approach to dealing with crime than what we’ve had for the last eight years with Pat Morris.

If that doesn’t happen, then it will be extremely difficult to see how San Bernardino can turn itself around at all.