Mayor Candidates Stake Out Early Positions

The candidates for Mayor of San Bernardino have staked out their first policy positions in the race.

San Bernardino City Bankruptcy has obtained copies of the candidates statement which in the coming weeks will be mailed to voters in the official Sample Ballot.

The statements were submitted by the candidates and outline what they view as their qualifications for office as well as their priorities should they be elected mayor.

To view a candidate statement, click on a hyperlink below for the specific candidate.

Rick Avila Candidate Statement

Draymond Crawford Candidate Statement

Carey Davis Candidate Statement

Rikke Van Johnson Candidate Statement

Chas Kelley Candidate Statement

Matt Korner Candidate Statement

Wendy McCammack Candidate Statement

Henry Nickel Candidate Statement

Karmel Roe Candidate Statement

(Please note:  while there are ten candidates for mayor there are only nine candidate statements. Richard Castro did not submit a candidate statement for publication in the Sample Ballot. Concepcion Powell had originally submitted a candidate statement, however she was failed to pay the fees for publication and was removed from the ballot for also failing to pay the fees to be a candidate to run for Mayor of San Bernardino.) 


To learn more about these individuals seeking the job of mayor, you can read the Q&A’s from our Mayor’s Race Interview Series.

Each mayoral candidate was sent questions allowing them to participate in an online interview with San Bernardino City Bankruptcy.

At the time of publishing this article only two candidates – Chas Kelley and Draymond Crawford – had elected to participate in our online interview by returning their answers.