Concepcion Powell Now a Write-In Candidate for Mayor

Last week Concepcion Powell was kicked off the ballot as a candidate for Mayor of San Bernardino.

Concepcion Powell is a candidate for Mayor of San Bernardino in 2013.

Concepcion Powell is now running as a write-in candidate for Mayor of San Bernardino in 2013.

City Clerk Gigi Hanna disqualified Powell for failing to pay the filing fees to run for office as required by law.

It appears the check Ms. Powell gave the City Clerk to pay her filing fees bounced.

So did the check for the publication of her candidate statement in the Sample Ballot.

Powell screamed outrage that she was being treated unfairly by the City. However, the information released by the City Clerk’s Office indicates Powell was given sufficient opportunity to pay her fees after her checks bounced.

If anything Hanna gave overly favorable treatment to Powell by allowing her ample time to pay the fees and by not reporting the candidate to the District Attorney for writing bad checks.

Powell considered legal action against Hanna and the City, but probably realized she had no case. Therefore she opted to be a write-in candidate for Mayor of San Bernardino.

Running as a Write-In Candidate is probably no more than a face-saving move for Concepcion Powell as the chances of a write-in winning the election are about zero.

Even if the odds weren’t stacked against her as a write-in candidate, who honestly could vote for Concepcion Powell after this fiasco?

Is a candidate who can’t cover the checks they write to run for office really going to be one of the top two choices of voters to lead San Bernardino out of bankruptcy?

It’s extremely doubtful.