San Bernardino Police Officers Endorse Mayor Carey Davis for Re-Election

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association (SBPOA) has endorsed Carey Davis for Mayor of San Bernardino in the upcoming November Election.


“Mayor Carey Davis has been the steady hand San Bernardino needed to guide our city out of bankruptcy,” Brian Lewis, President of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association said. “Mayor Davis has stood by our police department and our officers during these challenging times. Today the San Bernardino Police Officers Association is proud to stand with Mayor Davis in his re-election efforts.”

Carey Davis was elected Mayor of San Bernardino on February 4, 2014. Davis inherited a bankrupt city and a bitterly divided city council from his predecessor, Pat Morris.

A certified public accountant by profession, Davis brought much needed change to City Hall with his calm, courteous, and collaborative demeanor.

During his term, Davis successfully led San Bernardino out of bankruptcy and provided compassionate reassurance to the city after the terrorist attacks of December 2, 2015.

“As Mayor, Carey Davis has demonstrated his commitment to making the residents and neighborhoods of San Bernardino safer,” Lewis continued. “He is committed to rebuilding our police department and ensuring that it has the resources needed to recruit and retain officers to be properly staffed for a city of this size. This will help improve emergency response times and allow officers to be more proactive against crime and violence.”

“I am honored to have the support of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association,” Mayor Carey Davis said. “These brave and professional police officers have done tremendous work under the most difficult circumstances these last several years. To have earned their trust to continue serving this city as mayor is truly humbling. I look forward to working with the SBPOA and the City Council to return the San Bernardino Police Department to the staffing levels it had before the bankruptcy required such drastic cuts to public safety.”

The San Bernardino Police Officers Association represents the majority of the men and women serving as peace officers in the City of San Bernardino’s Police Department. The Election is scheduled for November 6, 2018.