A Closer Look at Violent Crime in San Bernardino

San Bernardino residents didn’t need an FBI report to tell them that the city they call¬†home is a dangerous place.

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FBI ‘s Uniform Crime Report shows violent crime rising in the City of San Bernardino. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They know that because they live in the City of San Bernardino.

Their city has been ravaged by crime and poverty in recent years thanks to the failed policies of Mayor Pat Morris and his rubber stamp city council members who blindly follow him.

What the FBI’s recently released uniform crime report did tell residents is how much crime – specifically violent crime – has been rising in their community.

Comparing the total number of violent crimes in San Bernardino from the year 2010 to the number of violent crimes in 2012 (the most recent year data is available) a frightening upward trend exists.

Since 2010 the total number of violent crimes committed in San Bernardino increased from 1,624 to 2,022 – a 24% increase.

A deeper look at those crimes tells a more chilling tale.

The number of murders increased from 31 to 47 – a 51% increase.

The number of robberies increased from 632 to 803 – a 27% increase.

The number of assaults increased from 895 to 1,116 – a 24% increase.

Make no mistake the first and highest duty of the City’s government is the protect of the people it serves.

San Bernardino under the failed leadership of Pat Morris has failed to do its duty.

The next Mayor of San Bernardino must effectively deal with violent crime or there will be absolutely no hope to turn the city around.